Introducing our new Barkan Society Co-Presidents, Bernd Kutzscher and Robert Sorenson

We are delighted to announce that Bernd Kutzscher and Bob Sorenson are joining together to continue efforts to further vitalize the Barkan Society Alumni Association which were set in motion by our past leaders, Charles Zacks, Charlene Hsu-Winges and Ivan Schwab.  Kutzscher and Sorenson accepted their new positions at the June Barkan Day Symposium.

According to Bernd and Bob, “We have big goals. We want to bring alumni back in touch with each other and with the program, using our Barkan Society website as a gathering place for events, a place to reconnect with old friends and to help alums find practice positions while keeping all updated about our current residents and fellows.  Please send us your ideas and join us at our next event , the Barkan Reception at the AAO meeting this year in San Francisco.”