Joel Porter, MD

PMC Intern late 60’s
Resident Wills Eye Hospital, 1970

Dr. Porter
Joel Porter, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Wills Eye Hospital, Since 2009, volunteer faculty CPMC

When Spivey was chairman, he presided over the weekly Monday morning Grand Rounds that were held in the Auditorium of the hospital. These meetings became quite popular amongst all the ophthalmologists in the Bay Area including many serving in the various branches of the military.

Ophthalmologists in the community often would encourage their patients to come in for a “free” consultation by the scores of physicians who would get the opportunity to examine them in the Eye Clinic on the fifth floor across from the hospital. A 5 x 8 card, taped outside the examination rooms, with pertinent history and examination findings was provided by each ophthalmologist who was responsible for the patient, so people literally waited in line in the hallway reviewing the patient card, just before entering the room to examine the patient.

During Grand Rounds each of the patients were presented usually by their respective ophthalmologist. Quite robust discussions then took place by all those who wished to offer their opinions. The back and forth comments made by all made for an invaluable teaching experience not equaled anywhere else and it should be added that Spivey had an amazing memory and ability to ask for follow up on those patients on subsequent Monday mornings. These Grand Rounds continue because they are part of CPMC’s genes and heritage.