David Demartini, MD

Resident 1979 - 1981
Bruce Spivey, MD Chair

David Demartini still drives his 1973 BMW

In the six months preceding his ophthalmology residency, David Demartini had served as a volunteer doctor in rural Kenya, doing C-sections, intraabdominal surgeries, and setting fractures, while attending to a 200-bed hospital, often solo! Thus, it was a huge adjustment turning to refractions and eye exams and he credits the patience and teaching of his chief residents, Susan Day and John Campbell who were “instrumental in this transformation”!

His residency coincided with the AIDS epidemic, and he remembers with fondness the challenging Pathology Rounds and encyclopedic knowledge of Pathologist Dr. Bill Spencer. He singles out many mentors for their exceptional patience, like Dr. Ed Tamler who “had the courage to allow very young, green residents to get started with eye surgery” along with doctors Bill Ferguson and Bill Miller. A special shout out goes to doctors Fung, Webster, Allen and Abbott, along with the “patient and pleasant glaucoma and surgery teacher, Bob Stamper”, Bill Stewart, “the plastic, reconstructive and lifestyle guru, John Cavender, “the master of fluorescence and its application to retinal disease” and Bruce Spivey as “captain of the team.”
A huge influence in David Demartini’s life and career was his experience at Highland Hospital in Oakland where he encountered what he considers the most exciting and maturing training thanks to the great volumes of pathology, trauma and challenging patients.

It was at Highland that he met David Vastine, MD who was both the Faculty Chief of Cornea, and his attending at Highland. Their relationship was so strong that after completing his Cornea Fellowship at Bascom Palmer, David returned to the east bay and joined Vastine’s practice for the next 35 years!
Both Vastine and Demartini have continued to be very involved in CPMC resident training at Highland, and Demartini modestly salutes the many talented residents “who inspired and probably taught me as much or more than I taught them!”

Today in retirement he cherishes time with his 6-year-old grandson and shares with his wife a passion for wine and wine tasting. Always moving, he works out at a gym, golfs and continues to rehabilitate his 1973 BMW 2002 which he drove as a resident!

Some things and good guys, never change!