Alan Harley, MD

Resident 1971-1974
Bruce Spivey, MD Chair

Alan Harley
Alan Harley, MD

During Alan Harley’s professional life, he was known as “one of the best we ever produced” comprehensive ophthalmologist. The seeds of his retirement however were planted before he started his ophthalmology residency when he and his wife JoAnn, went on his first African safari. She was a lover of nature and animals and he was already an experienced photographer with a dark room for processing black and white film.

Today he prefers the digital age since video is the best way to capture wildlife with its grace and behaviors. About 10 years ago his children gave him the gift of his own website allowing him to share his videos with the world. The Harleys are very involved with the Oakland Zoo where JoAnn who started zoo docent programs in the 1970’s, has served several times as Chairman of the board.

Although he does not sell his work, some of his footage can be seen on the Netflix series titled The 72 Cutest Animals which also includes interviews of both Alan and JoAnn. While he served in the Navy, he was in charge of the SCUBA team on his Polaris submarine, but he doesn’t use tanks any longer and his underwater videos are all from free diving with a GoPro camera. The Harleys have traveled frequently with Lindblad/National Geographic and the videos on his website will make you feel that you are along for the trip.

Click on this link to his website to see what the Harleys have been seeing for years!