The 2023 Barkan Day was a hybrid event attended by 90 participants, in person and by zoom. Indeed, Keynote Speaker, Dr. Eleonora Lad, MD, PhD, delivered her address from Venice Italy, fielding questions and comments after her timely talk, “Unleashing the Power of Ophthalmic Imaging with Artificial Intelligence.” Dr. Lad is Vice Chair of Clinical Research Ophthalmology at Duke University.

Excellent research topics were explored with discussants adding expertise and advice. Chair Kevin Denny exhorted residents to avail themselves of the excellent mentors seated all around.

Dr. Sarah Eppley received the Erdbrink Resident Teaching Award for her presentation on “Pseudophakic Accommodation in Children, A Pilot Study”.

Green Eggs and Ham Awards were given to Resident Dr. Timothy Truong and Attending, Dr. Mathew Denny. Four faculty members received the residents’ Faculty Teaching Awards Drs. Deborah Gill, Jonathan Hernandez, Ann Thomas, and Samuel Reiter.

Two long serving colleagues who have added immeasurable value to the residency received awards for their service. Denice Barsness, former Supervisor of Diagnostic Services was lauded by Dr. David Heiden, showing photos taken in Russia where they worked with a team diagnosing AIDS related retinitus. Dr. Denny also noted her long supportive relationship with the late Dr. William Spencer.

Mark Paskvan, who is retiring as the Lions Clinic Program Director, was described by Dr. Matt Denny as “Mark in the middle” referencing the critical role Paskvan has played coordinating the medical care and travel needs of 400 Lions patients yearly.

Kudos to Drs. Anne Fung and Edie DeNiro. who organized the day’s events, keeping it to a tight schedule! Thanks to Dr. Fung who also took an active role in soliciting sponsors for the program and formulating the agenda.

Barkan Day was capped by the introduction of guest, John Barkan who is the grandson of Dr. Hans Barkan. Our Alumni society is named in honor of Hans’ brother Otto Barkan who was John Barkan’s great uncle. Shown in this photo l to r; Chair Dr. Kevin Denny, John Barkan and Co-Presidents of the Barkan Society, Drs. Bernd Kutzcher and Bob Sorenson.